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Windows and doors embellish and enhance your building or property while also ensuring a safety and security function. From classic windows to balustrades and shutters, Ecoma Benin designs, manufactures and installs aluminum joinery, but also works with materials such as steel or wood. We therefore offer a wide range of products that offer solutions to all the windows or doors openings of your project.

aluminium profile facade engineering


With a wide range of windows / doors and window doors: French, Italian, tilt-and-turn, tilting,  with numerous shapes, and technologies with or without hidden openings we are able to offer  several opening possibilities to fit your needs.

+ Choice

• Fixed windows 1 and 2 leaves.

• Compound assemblies with fanlight or lateral fixed.

• Italian, Projection, Parallel, Tilting - Swivel, Tilt-and-turn.

+ Comfort

• 55 mm - 65 mm module with or without a 20mm - 30 mm polyamide bar. 

• Suitable mosquito net solutions.

• 2 to 6 locking points depending on the level of reinforcement desired. 

• Wide choice of applications, and XXL dimensions: Up to 2, 70 m high and 1.40 m wide and a maximum weight of 130 kg per leaf.


Sliding windows offer the possibility of a smaller opening dimensions and a wider passage than a traditional door to take advantage of a panoramic view, and illuminate the rooms with natural light.

+ Choice

• Less visible aluminum; visual homogeneity in closed and open position. 

• Handles and keys for intermediate leaves in extra flat design.

• Ergonomic handles in sleek and exclusive design, extra flat. Fully flush design and foldable handle.

+ Comfort

• 2, 3 and 4 rails or pocket.

• Multi-point of closures 2, 3 or 4 activated by a specific handle.

• Half-opened position allowing ventilation while keeping the door secure.

• 3-point lock on the door and locking of the intermediate leaves for increased security.

• Maximum dimensions: up to 4.50 m wide and 3 m high, in a 2-rail, 2-leaf configuration.


This type of windows helps in limiting the use of air conditioner by promoting natural ventilation and solar protection of the building. Its resistance to tearing and its anti-sawing system provides the building with the ultimate protection against any intrusion.

+ Choice

• Large dimensions. 

• Multiple offer of handles.

• Multiple choice of composition: fixed, mobile, aluminum, glass, mixed blades with Mosquito net.
• Possible motorisation with the cloaking option. 

• Several types of blades: aluminum, glass or alternating glass / aluminum straight or curved Aluminum blades. 

+ de Confort

Limits the use of air conditioning. 

• Width up to 1400 mm in one element and blade’s size up to 135 mm with blade opening up to 80 °.

• Impact resistance: 900 joules (railing standard) and tensile strength of the traction blade greater than 200 daN with an anti-sawing system. 

• Class 5 cyclonic resistance Tested at more than 30,000 cycles, more than 20 years of use.


Our doors can move inward, outward, automatic, and are highly secure. Our range of aluminum doors have a variety of applications. They are tested against water intrusion and can withstand up to 1 million cycles and movements with a minimum lifespan of 10 years.

+ Choice

• Tailor-made design. 

• 3 types of opening: Minimal, Minimal clip-on edge, and visible.

• Thinness of the hinges: 20 mm front view for 2-body and 3-body hinges. 

• Wide choice of locks and closings: TECHNAL exclusive handle design, stainless steel handle, TECHNAL exclusive door blocks design, push bars. 

• Neat aesthetics, elliptical shapes, invisible articulation, integrated door closer.

+ de Comfort

• Exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation performance. 

• XXL dimensions: up to 3 m high and 1.40 m wide with a maximum weight of 250 kg per leaf.

• Multiple locks point: additional locking points, lateral rocker bolt or vertical bolt.

• Articulation system tested at 1 million class 8 cycles. 

• Anti-finger clip version suitable for public places.


Our proposed options are : rolling shutters, adjustable sunshade, automatic or manual,. Our range of shade protection combine comfort, elegance, and security coupled with SOMFY automation systems, which facilitate your daily life with integration into your new or existing frames.

+ Choice

• Various shapes and options: rectangular blades’ types, louvers of 100 and 115 mm. 

• Large perforated sheet Solid: vertical or horizontal blades. 

• Louvered with fixed, adjustable or mixed planks, any height or intermediate crosspiece.

• Elegant design suitable for contemporary and more traditional constructions.

• Discreet and elegant finishes, with invisible screws and hinges.

+ Comfort

• Fixed or mobile slats.

• Rope mounting on aluminum clamps or between posts (primary steel, aluminum or wood structures). 

• Sun protection: total or partial concealment. 

• Natural ventilation: fixed or adjustable slats. 

• Increases the level of security of the building.

• Optional Motorisation.


Apart from its role of decoration, the main role of the railing is to protect your home against falls and stumbles. This is why, the standards of design and installation that we adopt are very rigorous and meet the aesthetic and safety requirements.
+ Choice

• “Metal effect” aesthetic and minimalist design with discreet connection and fixing.

• Wide variety of fillings: bars, strips under beam, glass filling, steel sheet.

• Round or rectangular beams. Mixed materials: aluminum, wood, glass and composite panel.

+ Comfort

• Standard dimensions of straight railings: PRIVATE area: Filling (glass / sheet): module of 1600 x 1600mm Bar: 1599 x 1599mm PUBLIC area: Filling (glass / sheet): module of 985 x 985mm Bar: 984 x 984mm.

• 70 test reports available, in compliance with standards for horizontal loads and glass fillings.

• Variation in balcony separation, pool barrier.


Office partitions are often used to modulate workspaces by dividing an open area into many. With a framework design based on aluminum profiles, these partitions are interchangeable and can be swapped in any place without heavy work.

+ Choice

• Fillings: plaster or wood particles panels, composite materials, clear glazing, screen-printed decorations or safety glass (according to current standards). 

• Any specific shapes.

• Enhancement of angles with a round or straight aesthetic.

• No aluminum structure: Edge to edge glazing. 

• Fully glazed doors for maximum transparency or wooden doors for maximum privacy.

+ Comfort

• Partition can be started from the side or anywhere (2 to 4) with the possibility of resuming a 100 mm placo partition. 

• No adaptation and cutting work for installation. 

• Modification of layout and interchangeability of the modules facilitated. 

• Electrical and computer cables separation by providing an electric baseboard. 

• Fire resistance and acoustic reduction.

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