Steel Work

Steel, by its flexibility, its ease of alloying with other metals and its multiple processing capacities, makes it possible to carry out impressive works. Our experience in the field of metalwork, allows us to offer you a wide range of products and achievements designed in our workshops. Our companions have a high level of competence and have efficient machines capable of responding to the most daring projects.

steel doors and shutters in Benin


Locking solutions in general allow you to effectively secure your home as well as your business premises. A wide choice of security features includes grids, roller shutters, garage doors, etc.
+ Choice

:Very rigid and ideal for shops with high security requirements without visibility inside.

• MICRO PERFORATED ROLLER SHUTTER: Full blades version but allow a view in the shop.

LATCH BLADE ROLLER SHUTTER: Ideal for businesses wishing to offer high visibility on their display case.

EXTENSIBLE GRID: adapts without too much difficulty to an existing opening; can also be used in houses•

• GARAGE DOOR: traditional, roll-up, tilting or sectional with customisation such as portholes, colours and finishes of your choice, or grooves etc.

+ Comfort

Security of opening by button box, key, or remote control with an option for manual opening in case of failure.

• Reinforced final blade; Up to 10m high and 13m wide.

• European barrel lock 2 anchor points on the final blade.

• Wind classification up to 4 depending on dimensions.

• Mixing of different types in same door.

• Fast motor option: opening speed> 0.5 m / s and closing speed> 0.1 m / s.


The fields of application for steel constructions are very wide. Our branch mainly concerns light structures which lend themselves without limits to any daring architectural.

+ Choice

• STEEL FRAMEWORK: Lightweight and much more flexible, it offers a greater architectural possibility with tailor-made solutions with large spans and overhang.

• PRE-MANUFACTURED BUILDING: Opaque or semi-opaque, open or semi-open, often comes in the form of a quick-to-assemble kit. Several colors and shapes available.

• CAILLEBOTIS STAIRS: Used outside, they come in several forms and types for customizing your project.

+ Comfort

High resistance to weather and various external aggressions, with very little risk of deformation.

• Limited weight therefore ideal for heightening & renovations.

• Distribution of specific vertical loads.

• Zinc-plated bolts: simple assembly system.

• Galvanized structure: solidity and durability.


Steel is inevitable to meet the requirements of security, strength, fire resistance in certain areas. Personalised, the gates, fences… allow to combine aesthetics and tranquility.

+ Choice

Most dissuasive and effective. Unlimited possibility of design, ornaments and colors.

Wrought iron, Atypical Bar, Crossed Bar, Sheet steel or aluminum fence, Concertina, Single or double flap, the compositions are unlimited with custom ornaments.

In stainless steel or steel, unlimited possibility of shapes. From beams to sub beams with different fillings (cables, perforated sheets with laser design, glass, rods or tubes), to spiral staircases, steel beams, straight.

+ Comfort

Multiple thicknesses of steel sheet and multiple locks points for security.

• Steps held by a steel stringer.

• Steel steps with teardrop finish.

• Handrail diameter: 42 mm to 50 mm in InoX 304, and 316 L.

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