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We intervene with experienced knowledge, professionalism and reactivity in several other areas of construction. Whether it is false ceilings, woodwork, false ceilings, painting or signage for which we always use materials fully respectful of international standards in force. For all your rough and finished work, do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of our services.

Services of aluminum profiles and wooden construction


Covering an existing ceiling, too damaged, too high, or in the goal to hide technical material such as cables, the false ceiling contributes to the decoration of your space. Our offer is extended with characteristics adapted to different needs, from smooth staff, to mineral slabs, valid for both homes and offices.

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• Complete range of standard, custom and decorative finishes.

• Various choices of materials and textures: mineral, metal, wood, fibers, perforated, smooth, grainy.

• Molding of various shapes allow creating vaulted, arched ceilings , basket handle, dome, box, wave etc.

• Cornices, borders forming the perimeter of the room at the top of the wall.

• Wide variety of styles, allowing the enhancement of your room.

+ Comfort

•Partitioning, Interior wall lining, Technical sheath, Wall covering, Ceiling.

• Variable modules from 600 x 600 to 2500 x 300

• Fire resistance: Euroclass A2-s1, d0EN 13501-1

• Durable staff plates, resistant to , moisture, fire, and easily repairable, to dismantle and clean

• Excellent sound absorption: 0.95aw and C2CBronze / ISO5 / A + certification


Wood is natural material of plant origin with a great longevity and many colors tones and many usages.  As a carpenter and cabinetmaker, we offer several finished products such as solid core doors, cupboards, desks, etc.

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• Pallet of essences with various aspects, wood is back in force in design.

• Versatility: adaptation for all styles, whether contemporary, modern or traditional.

• Multiple choices of grains and textures.

• Unique and incomparable aesthetics brings a touch of originality in every room of your house.

+ Comfort

•Thermal performance: Does not conduct heat or cold.

• Long strength and durability when treated.

• Multiple density choices (from very light Okoumé to heavy Iroko and Oak).

• Different types: MDF: wood fibers and resins synthetic; Chipboard: solid and economical particle board; Plywood: thin sheets of wood unrolled and assembled; Blockboard: panel with a solid wood core; Raw wood: wood in its natural state which has not undergone any modification / gluing.

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