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Choosing Your Glass

Glass is a non-crystalline, solid which intrigues with its false fragility that inspires its transparency properties. It is a highly technical product and associates at its best for refined projects which integrate criteria of thermal insulation and security. Our most used glazing are presented below but not limited to this list.

Single glazing

Very common, this glazing remains reliable and economical. But make no mistake about simplicity because it forms the basis of all other types of glazing. The single glazing can receive various shapes (shape cutting, drilling, notching, various openings and lapping).

types and properties of glass in the design of facades

Laminated Glass

Also called anti-intrusion or reinforced security glazing, it reduces burglary attempts when intruders try to break in. This type of glazing is composed of several sheets of glass, and films called PVC introduced directly inside. The higher the number of films, the more the glass is reinforced against trespassing.

glass facade building

Double or Triple Glazing

Composed of two panes spaced by a vacuum of air or argon gas called “blade” which gives it all its insulating properties. This type of glazing makes it possible to slow down the transmission of cold or heat and therefore to limit heat loss of your building.

Triple glazing, on the other hand consists of 2 gas slides and 3 layers of glass. It is particularly suitable for "low consumption" or "eco-firendly" homes.

glass facade design

Decorative glazing

Decorative glazing is an aesthetic element which makes it possible to personalize the panes. It can be sanded or printed to preserve privacy or colored to provide an agreeable atmosphere.

types and properties of glass in the design of facades