Useful Information

Why Choose Aluminium?

Aluminum, is a combination of aesthetic potential and many optimal properties which it is constituted of. It is also an essential component of our various modern constructions. A noble and sumptuous metal which adapts easily to all varieties of openings. Aluminum also has very interesting optimal properties.

advantages of the aluminum facade

Sustainable and Ecological


Aluminum is a long-lasting material thanks to its protective and corrosion-resistant layer. It does not release any harmful substances and is chemically inert, clean, healthy and non-combustible. As an unalterable material, aluminum ensures the durability and reliability of joinery. Its maintenance is carried out without any specific requirements.

Brightness and Color diversity  

Whatever its application, aluminum joinery lets in plenty of natural light, and can help reduce your building’s energy costs.The color of the windows and doors provides a personality to your exterior and contributes to a pleasant atmosphere inside. With various techniques of anodization and powder coating (baked powder paint), it can be adorned with numerous colors.

We have a collection which offers you more than 200 colors which vary from standard colors, to special, exclusive colors as well as bi-colourings.