Facade Cladding has become an essential component of contemporary buildings and defines their uniqueness by reflecting the identity of a project. Whether in glass, ventilated, composite panels or other materials, our experiences have allowed us to have a high level of expertise and mastery in this field. We are able to provide our support in determining the solutions that could be adapted to the creativity of architects by offering personality and style to all projects. Ecoma Bénin itself assembles, installs the framework (aluminum) and the filling elements (glazing or other).

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The curtain wall also called glass facade, is a lightweight and secure fully glazed outer covering of a building that allows maximum light transmission.
+ Choice

STRUCTURAL: This is a smooth glass facade whose glazing is fixed either by gluing or mechanically to the frame by aluminum supports to obtain a smooth facade without visible aluminum on the outside.

CONTINOUS: Commonly used, for facades and canopies as well, is available either in visible grid version, or with horizontal or vertical wefts.

SEMI STRUCTURAL: Similar to structural, a thin aluminum profiles, visible only along the edges of glass panels, hold in place the glass frames.

+ Comfort

• Additional design option offering the possibility of highlighting the horizontal vertical profiles on the building envelope.

• Integration of hidden Italian, parallel, tilt-and-turn or firefighter openings for natural ventilation.

• Wide choice of covers to vary the aspects of the facade.

• Glass volume up to 12.25 m² (half-perimeter up to 7m), Maximum weight up to 680kg per glass volume and Glass thickness up to 61 mm.


The composite panel is a panel with multiple advantages that allows all possible creations in terms of facade cladding. This light and rigid material effectively resists to shocks and lasts over time.

+ Choice

• Four glossy finishes: gloss, satin, mat and MattXtrem.

• Different surface types: smooth, textured or brushed.

• Several choices of finishes: Wood, Aluminum, endless colors ...

+ Comfort

• PVDF lacquer with composite panel thickness up to 6 mm.

• Resistance to humidity and acid, UV radiation, corrosion and weathering with specific Anti-Graffiti, StrongProtect or EcoClean ™ coatings (self-cleaning and air cleaning).

• High degree of thermal and acoustic insulation and excellent mechanical properties.


Ventilated facades represent an optimal solution for the facade cladding. With a great diversity of colours and material forms, they complement current architectural trends while providing excellent insulation to the buildings.
+ Choice

• Multitude of aesthetic possibilities and materials with an unlimited choice of colours (pastel, natural, enamelled, matt, glossy) or textures (printed, smooth or textured).

• Ceramic, terracotta or porcelain stoneware facades.

• Stone facades: marble, slate, granite…

• Metal facades: polished aluminum, zinc…

• Wood facades.

+ Comfort

• Optimal thermal and acoustic insulation performance.

• Resistance to external aggressions: total inertia to fire (class M0) and impermeability to TAG (simple cleaning with a sponge).

• Contributes to an optimal ventilation.

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