Useful Information

Care and Maintenance

Aluminium is an excellent material, nonetheless certain precautions should be taken toensure maximum longevity. Products should be regularly maintained and their use should be in accordance with specified aims.


ADAL (association for the development of anodized and painted aluminium) recommendations should be followed. Where the environment contains no aggressive elements, as is generally the case in rural or low-density urban areas, cleaning should generally be carried out annually, or more frequently where required by environmental conditions. Regularly-maintained surfaces can be sponge-washed using water and neutral detergent. This may be carried out at the same time as window cleaning.

Do not use abrasive products.


Cleaning should be carried out using water only or with neutral detergents. Avoid the use of tools likely to scratch the glass. During maintenance, care should be taken to avoid damage leading to tearing of SSG silicone sealant bonding or weathering barriers. Some special glazing requires specific maintenance which should be specified by the glass supplier.


The various rebates, gutters, and rails should be kept clean and free from obstructions to ensure proper movement of leaves and drainage of water ingress. Drainage, guttering and pressure balancing openings should also be kept clean and free from obstruction.


Air inlets on joinery and façades should be cleaned with great regularity. Maintenance consists chiefly of removing dust and ensuring vents are kept free from obstructions. Satisfactory building hygrometry is directly related to proper maintenance of these air inlets.


Moving parts should be checked, adjusted, and lubricated at least once a year. Particular attention should be paid to screw tightening. In the case of intensive use, maintenance should be suitably scheduled to ensure joinery remains in good condition and meets safety standards. All non-plastic mechanisms should be lubricated with oil or resin- and acid-free grease. Any damaged parts must be replaced.

Sliding frames

Lubricate locking mechanisms and moving parts; do not lubricate hinges.